Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens Are Treasured For Generations

Fountain pens have been treasured as the favourite writing instrument for many generations, and sought after as collectibles and investments. A fine fountain pen will withstand the test of time, and end up being passed down from generation to generation as one of the world's finest writing instruments.

Each of Hart Woodcrafts' fountain pens is truly one of those sought-after writing instruments by users and collectors alike. When a graduate is given a Hart Woodcrafts fountain pen, they know it's something special to cherish the rest of their life.

Our ink pens are handmade out of an exotic materials from around the world, and trimmed in one of many plating techniques that add to the fountain pen's beauty and durability. Each handmade wood pen features a German-made high quality medium size Iridum nib with broad and fine tips nibs available

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