Safety Razor

Safety Razor

The double edged (DE) or safety razor was made popular in the early 1900’s by King Camp Gillette. Yes, the same Gillette that still makes razors today.

What made the double edged razor so popular and widely used, was that King Camp Gillette secured a contract with the government during World War II to supply all soldiers with a shaving kit.

(Unfortunately, these eventually turned into the franken-razors you buy from a drugstore today. You know what we’re talking about -- the 12 blade disposable razor that somehow charges you double for replacement cartridges).

Today, double edged safety razors are picking up in popularity for a simple fact: you can get an incredibly close shave without applying aggressive or repeated pressure to the face.

Why does that matter? Because when you apply pressure to the skin it increases your chances for shaving wounds (skin nicks), skin irritation (razor burn) and ingrown hairs.

Whether you’re a hipster trying to bring back a touch of the past to your present, or an executive who wants the most simultaneously comfortable and close shave of your life… a double edged razor can give you the shave of a king.

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