Twist pencils

Twist pencils

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Lemon Sierra Pencil
Mad Hatter Ameroclassic Pencil
Majesty Ameroclassic Pencil
Majesty Cigar Pencil
Maple Cigar Pencil

Maple Cigar Pencil

Hard Maple has a fine, uniform texture, turns well on a lathe, is resistant to abrasion and has no..


Molave Sierra Pencil

Molave Sierra Pencil

Molave Wood, one of the hardest woods from the Philippines, has finely fused grains that create a ..


Mudslide Sierra Pencil
Murky Forest Cigar Pencil
Night Sky Cigar Pencil
Northern Lights Sierra Pencil
Nuevo Camo Sierra Pencil
Ocean Camo Ameroclassic Pencil
Ocean Camo Sierra Pencil
Padauk Ameroclassic Pencil

Padauk Ameroclassic Pencil

Padauk is found in Central Africa. It is a vivid blood red with darker streaks. It is an attractiv..


Persian Blue Ameroclassic Pencil
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